Management of Diabetes

Many people are diagnosed with diabetes every year.  Diabetes Type II is usually diagnosed in people over 40 years of age and are typically over weight.  If you are a health care provider, consider attending an ACLS course that will increase your knowledge in providing life saving measures to adults.  The completion of the CPR certification course will certify you for 2 years.  There are several ways to control diabetes and they consist of monitoring blood sugar levels, losing weight with exercise and at times medications are required.  It is very important to  keep doctor’s appointments to keep track of the progress and gain other information that may be available.

The American Association of Diabetes have guideline requirements such as a fasting blood glucose should be less than 110.  Fasting means no food or drink for at least 12 hours.  Usually your primary care physician can perform the test in the office that will aid in the diagnosis of diabetes.  The test is called a glucose tolerance test, and at different time intervals blood is drawn after drinking a sugary drink.  The ACLS course does not provide information on diabetes, but provides information about heart arrhythmias that can cause death.  Diabetes can lead to heart disease, which may cause a heart attack.

After the diagnosis of Diabetes Type II, the physician may refer you to an endocrinologist that specializes in the management of diabetes.  You may also be referred to a registered dietician that will provide you with vital diet information to help control the blood sugar levels.  Nurses, paramedics and physicians are encouraged to attend an ACLS course especially if they work in emergency rooms, ICU, PACU, OR, or Telemetry.  Your physician will have you to come back every few weeks until the diabetes becomes controlled.  If diet and exercise do not control the blood sugar levels, then medications may be added.

Depending how high your blood sugar levels are, depends upon the type of medicine the physician will prescribe.  For example if your blood sugar levels are on an average of 200, then the physician may prescribe an oral medication.  If the average is 225-300, then the choice will most likely be insulin injections and increase in checking the blood glucose levels.  The ACLS course will aid in choosing the appropriate medications during a code and the appropriate interventions that will include CPR.  Keep follow up appointments with the physician to help with the management of diabetes and remember to read labels on the foods you choose to eat.  With proper food choices and exercises you can keep your diabetes under control to avoid damages that can occur when diabetes are not controlled.

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