CPR Certification

We are proud to offer the Atlanta metro area the American Heart Association CPR certification class. Our instructors are very well trained in all the teachings of the American Heart Association and have accreditation throughout the healthcare community. We are very excited to be one of the leading time and are well through out the CPR community. Our CPR classes are available in and around the Atlanta metro area and we are also available seven days a week upon request. No matter what your situation is, we’re there to help.

Many of our instructors are working professionals that are practicing medicine in and around the Atlanta metro area. They are experts at the teachings of the CPR course and the American Heart Association accreditation process. We look forward to helping you and your staff obtain their American Heart Association CPR certification card. Please let us know how we may help your situation and obtaining your CPR credentials.

There are many training centers in the Atlanta area that offer CPR certification, however we are the only ones that provide your CPR certification card upon completion of the course. Doctors, registered nurses, and allied healthcare providers are welcome to participate as co-instructors to help those who need additional training. Cardio pulmonary resuscitation has been around for many years and we have been around as a training center for 22 years as well.

Please feel free to contact us and see how we may help you and others when it comes to registering for our course. The cost of the CPR class is approximately $50 for the healthcare provider and $49 for the non-healthcare provider. Our offices are located in and around Atlanta metro area and we have a lot of additional offices that can help you get your CPR certification as well.

Keeping up with the essence of the American Heart Association, we must all understand the concept of push hard and push fast while doing CPR on the cardiac arrest victim.CPR or cardiopulmonary resuscitation has come to the forefront as being the leading treatment or modality of care for cardiac arrest victim that will save them the time of need. Do not hesitate to do CPR on someone if you do not have a bag valve mask. You can do hands only CPR which will circulate the blood throughout the body and provide oxygenation to be out you which will also help increase cerebral perfusion as well as coronary artery perfusion to outline tissues.

To keep it simple CPR has came a long way to say the least. As healthcare providers and as doctors or nurses we must all remember the simplicity of the CPR certification how to implement it in you to give it to antidote to cardiac arrest victim anytime they have a need. the American Heart Association has provided us with the credentials to provide a CPR course for all of mankind. Last but not least please feel free to stop by or e-mail us or even call and schedule a CPR class for your professional healthcare provider in the Atlanta metro area…

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